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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Tool Recyclers

Welcome to The Tool Recyclers, come on in and make yourself at home. Please excuse our mess we are once again changing our inventory with the seasons. Seems like you just get everything settled and another season rolls in. Been busy doing inventory and seeing what is new for the spring and summer season. All of my thoughts have been of the outdoors, the sun has been so inviting and the gardens are in full bloom with the spring flowers. Although the temperatures are still fluctuating here between the 30's and the 60's, they are calling for warmer weather this weekend the 70's are suppose to appear can't wait for warmth. It finally looks as though winter may finally be gone, I know the season says it's spring but here you never know have seen snow into May. It's been raining here for the last couple of days,but we really needed it.
So with the change of weather comes the change in our merchandise,we are gearing up to add more lawn and garden items along with some our regular merchandise. Have been revamping our eBay store to meet the changes that eBay is implicating for June, seems like I just finished the last round of changes and here we go again with more. We have also been working on our new website we have a few items on this site and will be expanding soon.
Other then that have been busy doing our normal everyday routine. If anyone has any suggestions please let us know we welcome any comments. Well I guess that's it for now, Thank-you for visiting and Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!
The Tool Recyclers