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Thursday, July 26, 2012

                                                     Welcome to The Tool Recyclers

                               Come on in and make yourself at home, we are glad to see you here.
We have been quite busy moving our inventory around, seems to be taking longer then we had anticipated but all in all it's going well.
My son and his girlfriend are now helping out and have some new ideas that we are hoping to start soon. They are very excited to be a part of  our team and we hope they will be around for quite some time as their enthusiasm grows so does ours. Welcome aboard Will and Deanna it's nice to be able to share with you what we do, we can't wait to implement your ideas!!!
We will be quite busy writing up our inventory and taking pictures, we hope to get it listed soon so be on the look out for new items in our eBay store "The Tool Recyclers"
, you never know what you may find from tools to garden decor, home decor and more even some holiday items. We are sure it will please almost everyone.

Thank-you for stopping in and have a great day!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Tool Recyclers Blog Challenge post#3

                                              WELCOME TO THE TOOL RECYCLER

Come on in and have a seat, we're glad to have you here! We have been pretty busy here rearranging, sorting, tagging and moving our inventory to our new storage building. It has been a lot of hard work but we are definitely getting our house back in order. I couldn't wait for this day to come and now that it is here I am so thrilled to have my home back, now to remodeling the house.
We have come a long way since our flea market days, I was quite surprised to see how much we had collected. It didn't seem like that much until we started to get everything under one roof and in one room,  oh my how did we get this much. So we are going to be quite busy listing lots of items.

We will be listing between our eBay store and our TabJuice Store on Facebook. Our TabJuice store is on our The Tool Recyclers Page1, just click on The Tool Recyclers Page1 and then on Shop Now when you get on that page, it is quite easy to maneuver and set up, we have quite a bit listed here and have had luck with it. If this is something you are interested in just check the apps on Facebook or you can click on TabJuice in our store or go to to check it out. This is a free app so why not give it a try!

The Tool Recyclers Blog Challenge post #2

                                               WELCOME TO THE TOOL RECYCLERS

Hello everyone, welcome to The Tool Recyclers!!!!! Come on in and make yourselves at home,we're glad to have you here!!!!!
We wanted to share with you, our new addition to The Tool Recyclers family, we are so excited about it!!!!
We have recently added our eBay store to Facebook, where we can share with our friends, family or anyone on Facebook they don't have to leave Facebook to see what we have added. The only way you would leave Facebook is if you click on the item to view its description then it takes you to our eBay store. We are so excited about this add-on and couldn't wait to share the news.
It is called SocialStore and is  Powered by Social Store - 3Dsellers by 3Dsellers . You can add it to an existing Facebook Fan Page or choose to start a new page. We chose to start a new page and it is up and running, we don't have a lot on right now but we will be adding more soon.All you have to do is go to our page and select The Tool Recyclers and on that page click on SocialStore, it will take you to our listing from eBay. We love it we are getting more lookers and have even sold a couple of items, wish we had this years ago.
If anyone is interested in this, go to applications in eBay and look for Social Store click on it and go from there. There is a small fee per month but it is worth it.

The Tool Recyclers Update

                                                  Welcome to The Tool Recyclers Blog

Hello everyone on this crisp winter morning, started out the day at 2:00am with the temperature at 0 and watched it as it fell to -3 degrees with the windchill making it feel like -9. But I'm happy to report it is now 10:20am and the temperature is up to 5 degrees and the sun is shining and reflecting off the newly fallen snow we received over the last few days!!!!
 I think we all got spoiled with the winter we were having thus far with the 40+ degrees it was such a weird winter we forgot that eventually it would be here and when it did come it hit with a vengence. Looking out the window and seeing how pretty it is with the snow glistening of the trees and bushes, reminds me of how spring will be here in a few months and everything will be washed anew and starting over again through it's cycle.So with the colder weather I have decided to hibernate the winter away and to concentrate more on the business at hand.
  I feel like I'm starting over again with The Tool Recyclers and what better way to start over then to share with everyone !!!  Started looking at everything in Virtual Online Learning again to refresh my memory and put what I learned into action. I couldn't think of a better way to start over then with all the archived classes with Danna (The Power Selling Mom) I learned so much from her and the rest of the members. I felt right at home remembering everything she had taught us. I was sure I had forgotten most of it but was surprised as I watched the videos and it all came rushing back to me. I want to Thank Danna for being such a great teacher and such a fabulous person ! What would I have done without her and her classes, I really couldn't tell you that's how fantastic I feel Virtual Online Learning is! You can check it out here .  I know if I have any questions that there a lot of people there to guide me on my way ! What a wonderful place to learn and socialize!!! Thank-you all at Virtual Online Learning!!!
Check it out you won't be sorry, I'm not!


Monday, November 21, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again-The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

                         Welcome please come on in and join us  here at The Tool Recyclers!!!!!!

                        It's that time of year again, the Holiday season is upon us once again.
With the hustle and bustle of shoppers trying to get the best deals possible!!!! Thanksgiving is only a few days away and people are finding that this years Thanksgiving feast has risen in cost and will be making cuts as to their normal Thanksgiving meal. There are ways around the increase of the cost this year such as a bring and share a dish, or even making more homemade recipes rather then buying ready made foods.

As family and friends gather to give thanks, let us not forget the less fortunate that will not be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Some may be going to soup kitchens to celebrate and will be appreciative of whatever their meal offers!!! Many people will give up part of their celebration to help those less fortunate, they will help at soup kitchens or at places like The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and many other such places that serve Thanksgiving meals.

Let us not forget our Military that will not be home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Many are thousands of miles away from home fighting for our country to keep us safe and free !!!!!
My daughter and my son-in law (also a soldier) are adopting a soldier for Thanksgiving so he/she has a place to go rather then staying at the fort alone for the Holiday!!!!!

Let us give thanks for our military who have given up so much so we can remain free and safe!!!!!!

Well I have to go and make homemade pumpkin pies, apple pies for Thanksgiving !!!!!
Sending wishes for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! From all of us here at The Tool Recyclers!!!

I have many things to be thankful for, I am thankful the most for my loving and caring family and friends!!!!!
I thank the Creator everyday for all he has given me!!!!!!