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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pictures of Our Gardens

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I am going to be posting pictures of our gardens in this posting. Our garden is also done with recycled plants. We call it our recycled garden because a lot of the plants came from our son-in-law when he was redoing his landscaping and was going to throw the plants out. We decided that we could use them to expand our gardens and couldn't stand the idea of throwing such beautiful plants away, the journey began as Gil dug the plants out and loaded them into our truck and brought them home. We had been talking about expanding our garden before this and it just happened to work out for us. Our garden expanded bigger then we had anticipated and we love it. We enjoy sitting out and looking at the garden during the nice weather and during the winter months we long for the spring to watch everything come back up and brighten our yard. We also buy clearance plants and put them into our garden, quite a few of these plants are really on their last leg and ready to be thrown out. But we bring them home and give them lots of TLC,they bounce back into such gorgeous plants and flowers.
climbing roses on opposite corner of fence by house hopefully next year they will be tall enough with the roses below so we can put the arch up we would like them to climb and grow together
climbing roses on corner of fence out front, almost tall enough for the arch we want to put up so they can grow together
roses back yard
roses lining the fence on one side of our yard in back

our granddaughter in front of part of the front garden

Gil planting new bulbs
This is only part of the garden out front not in full bloom yet still early spring
Alliums in garden out front
tiger lilies going down part of our fence on other side of yard
These are just a few of our flowers in various gardens around the house. We enjoy our gardens quite a bit during the good weather, our neighbors come over and sit and visit with us in the gardens they enjoy it also.
 They come over and say it relaxes them especially out front when the two waterfalls are running!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Building is coming along

The building is coming along nicely,Gil was still working on the floor along with helping his son & daughter in law repair the the back room on their house.He's been pretty busy and hopefully everything will be done before the snow lands and decides to stick around. He has done remarkable work with less then perfect materials and I am in awe of him building this from a vision in his head.I guess this is no different then me making jewelry or doing bead work or crafting parts and pieces from a vision I or any craft person have.
More pictures of the new building!!!!
Gil and son working on tar paper on roof
Gil working on roof

upper floor
ground floor of building
upper floor(upstairs)
upstairs of building
                                    - Great learning with fantastic people

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This Blog is about my favorite spot on the net, , I love this site I have learned so much from the virtual classes I have attended then I would have been able to searching on my own. What I like the best is that I can watch the replay if I have any questions when trying to use what I have learned. Being a Lifetime member is great I always know if I have a question there is always help close by. Everyone there is so helpful and patient. Danna has so much knowledge to share and does it in such a way that you can't wait to try what she has taught you. Danna is a special person who loves helping everyone and truly enjoys and loves what she does.
We are doing a blog challenge today where we do five blogs posted in one day with the option of a bonus blog. The challenges that are presented to us lets us use what we have learned and have fun at the same time!!

If you haven't checked it out yet, go to   
and check it out now!!!!!!

Another Poem : Fall Reflections

Welcome to The Tool Recyclers Blog

Fall Reflections

by Caroline A Ward

As I sit and watch the children play
I think of all the yesterdays
Of climbing trees
Being so carefree
Oh how we'd run
We had so much fun
We'd run and dance
Through all the grass
Oh how we thought, it would last
Now it's all in our past
With imaginations going wild
Oh how I miss being a child
Copyright © 2009 

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Once again the Holiday Season is fast approaching. This holiday season will be harder then most with the economy the way it is. But for some the season is not that of joy or peace on earth. While many are shopping gleefully planning their big holiday celebration.Others are wondering where their next meal will be coming from and if they will have safe refuge from the bitter cold that comes with the season. There are many that have been homeless and even more that have been left homeless as the economy has taken its toll.

Men, women and children have lost so much through this recession, jobs, homes, and families torn apart because of the stress put upon them not knowing where to turn for much needed help. There are many places that can offer help this season such as the Dept.of Social Services,Rescue Mission. There are churches like the Salvation Army,Catholic Charities and many others that offer aid to those less fortunate.

So this Holiday season let's remember those that have lost so much and give to help them have a Happy Holiday also. I know you say give but everyone has had a rough time through this recession, we all have something we can do, like volunteering at a kitchen, holding a coat drive for used coats or collecting blankets, mittens, hats, scarves to hand out to those that do not have these necessities to stay warm. You could hold a food drive for non-perishable foods to donate to a food pantry or volunteer at the food pantry to help give out food.You could also do a boot drive for good used boots or even socks, there are lots of things that can be done to help out this Holiday Season and the rewards are even greater seeing the smiles and the thankfulness in someones eyes that you just helped, there is something about seeing the hope return to their faces knowing they are not alone and there are people that care!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Poetry: Fear by Caroline A Ward

This is one of my writings from 911. This is the first poem that I shared on the internet.

by Caroline A Ward

The whispers of war is near
But no one can hear
The fear
That is kept inside
Because of our pride
We'll stand strong
To show all that are wrong
We'll fight
For what is right
Our nation has been attacked
So now we must fight back
Our freedoms to uphold
We are told
Will not fold
Our nation holds on tight
As we all unite
We fight the fear
No one can hear
Although we know that war is near

Welcome To The Tool Recyclers

                        WELCOME TO THE TOOL RECYCLERS BLOG
Come on in and make yourself comfortable. We have been busy here at The Tool Recyclers,building new storage, collecting new items to list on eBay. Our orders for the holiday season have been arriving and we are listing them as quickly as possible. Items include angel figurines,home & garden decor,holiday items, jewelry some handmade and much more!!

Please stop in and visit! Let us know what you think. Your feedback is always welcomed. Customer service  is our #1 PRIORITY. We strive to meet the 5 Star rating.We work hard to meet these standards with every contact.
You can visit our store at the following:

If there is something you are looking for, don't be shy just ask you never know what you may find here at The Tool Recyclers. We have an array of various items, too many to list here!
We will be posting an array of different items surely there will be something to please almost everyone.