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Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello everyone,Welcome to The Tool Recyclers Blog.
The leaves are changing into brilliant reds,oranges,yellows hues of delightful colors. This only means the changing of the seasons from brisk Autumn days to the bone chilling winds of old man Winter is not far off. Along with the changing leaves, comes the clean-up of the falling leaves indicating our fair warm weather is soon to come to an abrupt end.
Ahh to be a child again when fall clean-up meant piles of leaves to jump and romp and  play in, when raking the leaves in piles didn't seem like work because we didn't mind raking them in order to have fun. The collecting of special leaves to dip in melted wax or press between wax paper and use as decorations was something we did as children at this time of year. These were special memories to cherish as we got older. Then we grew older and got wiser to the raking of all those beautiful brightly colored leaves. The work involved seemed endless and the blisters on our hands made us wonder why we enjoyed the season so much when we were younger.
Here at The Tool Recyclers it only means one thing it's Fall clean-up and preparing for winter. It's time for another year to come to an end and time to start preparing for the long cold days of winter that are ahead.
Well it's time to break out the rakes (don't forget the gloves), leaf blowers/vacuums/mulchers the ones that mulch those leaves to smitherines. How much easier it is now to clean up those yards then it was way back in our youth.
If you are one of the lucky communities all you have to do is rake/blow those leaves to the curb and they come around and pick them up.You should have a wheelbarrow to make those countless trips from the backyard not quite so bad. While others have the waste management trucks that take the leaves and yard waste, you'll need the cans(perferably the ones that have wheels) or bags to set them out to the curb. Don't forget to clean out the gutters, this can be done quite easily now you can purchase an attachment that fits on your blower/vacuum and safely clean it from the ground, no more ladders that can easily tip.
Or you can recycler those leaves like we do at The Tool Recyclers and reuse them in your gardens to protect your plants from the brutal winter cold. We use the blower/vacuum /mulcher for this and mulch the leaves before putting them on our gardens. The leaves are a great insulator when spread out in a nice thick blanket over your perinnials and bulbs.Plus it does help keep the squirrels away from those precious bulbs you so carefully planted in this fall for next years enjoyment.
They not only help by insulating the plants but they deteriorate and helps fertilize the gardens. The leaves also help by keeping the weeds down when spring clean-up comes and you are readying your garden to look it's best when in full bloom it sure saves alot of work.
If you are planning any additions for your gardens,patios such as arbors, trellis', arches,post, perennials/bulbs(bulb planter,planting auger).Now is a good time to purchase these items. There are a lot of bargins to be found.
This is a good time to plant for the early spring season growth.

We are adding new items as we they arrive. Come on in and check us out

They're calling for freezing temperatures tonight 10/11/09, I hope that all your plants are protected from the harm that the cold temperatures can do. Bring in the plants that cannot withstand the brutal cold air, and make sure all your perennials are covered to protect from the the low temperatures that are being called for.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Tool Recyclers

I recently came across a new marketing place on the internet while browsing and reading some of my friends articles and blogs.This is just one of the places listed there you can participate in.

The name is SFI Marketing it sounded  interesting so I checked it out and decided to try it.They offer complete training and you have sponsors helping you along the way. This is my fourth day with this company so far and everyone has been so kind and helpful. They send encouraging emails and offer help anytime you need it. I have sent email messages twice so far and their response is nothing less then spectacular. I have received an answer in such a timely matter, I am very impressed so far.

If  you would like to check out Triple Clicks just click the banner below!!!

It really sounds great  and I'm really excited about it. You can even sell your own items here and turn them into cash. They have Daily Deals and you can browse the online pages to see what is already listed.
Why not check it out I think you will be surprised. I was!!!