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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Tool Recyclers Blog Challenge post #2

                                               WELCOME TO THE TOOL RECYCLERS

Hello everyone, welcome to The Tool Recyclers!!!!! Come on in and make yourselves at home,we're glad to have you here!!!!!
We wanted to share with you, our new addition to The Tool Recyclers family, we are so excited about it!!!!
We have recently added our eBay store to Facebook, where we can share with our friends, family or anyone on Facebook they don't have to leave Facebook to see what we have added. The only way you would leave Facebook is if you click on the item to view its description then it takes you to our eBay store. We are so excited about this add-on and couldn't wait to share the news.
It is called SocialStore and is  Powered by Social Store - 3Dsellers by 3Dsellers . You can add it to an existing Facebook Fan Page or choose to start a new page. We chose to start a new page and it is up and running, we don't have a lot on right now but we will be adding more soon.All you have to do is go to our page and select The Tool Recyclers and on that page click on SocialStore, it will take you to our listing from eBay. We love it we are getting more lookers and have even sold a couple of items, wish we had this years ago.
If anyone is interested in this, go to applications in eBay and look for Social Store click on it and go from there. There is a small fee per month but it is worth it.

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