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Friday, October 22, 2010

More pic's of our storage building being built

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Here are more pic's of the storage building that Gil (my other half) is building in our back yard. The building is 17x40 on the bottom and second floor is 20x40. Can't wait for this to be done!!!! I am going to put more pic's of the building on this blog. This is the building that we are building on a budget. I am so impressed with my other half, he has done this by himself  and I have been watching and at times he really scared me putting the top floor up especially. Well here we go I am going to start the pic's now:

These are some of the pic's taken while the building has been worked on. This is Gil taking a break while working on the upstairs building shelves.

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Danna Crawford said...

WOW what a huge project!!! You are lucky to have a handy man like that! Looking forward to seeing more as you go along! Happy building!s