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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pictures of Our Gardens

                                                      Welcome to The Tool Recyclers Blog

I am going to be posting pictures of our gardens in this posting. Our garden is also done with recycled plants. We call it our recycled garden because a lot of the plants came from our son-in-law when he was redoing his landscaping and was going to throw the plants out. We decided that we could use them to expand our gardens and couldn't stand the idea of throwing such beautiful plants away, the journey began as Gil dug the plants out and loaded them into our truck and brought them home. We had been talking about expanding our garden before this and it just happened to work out for us. Our garden expanded bigger then we had anticipated and we love it. We enjoy sitting out and looking at the garden during the nice weather and during the winter months we long for the spring to watch everything come back up and brighten our yard. We also buy clearance plants and put them into our garden, quite a few of these plants are really on their last leg and ready to be thrown out. But we bring them home and give them lots of TLC,they bounce back into such gorgeous plants and flowers.
climbing roses on opposite corner of fence by house hopefully next year they will be tall enough with the roses below so we can put the arch up we would like them to climb and grow together
climbing roses on corner of fence out front, almost tall enough for the arch we want to put up so they can grow together
roses back yard
roses lining the fence on one side of our yard in back

our granddaughter in front of part of the front garden

Gil planting new bulbs
This is only part of the garden out front not in full bloom yet still early spring
Alliums in garden out front
tiger lilies going down part of our fence on other side of yard
These are just a few of our flowers in various gardens around the house. We enjoy our gardens quite a bit during the good weather, our neighbors come over and sit and visit with us in the gardens they enjoy it also.
 They come over and say it relaxes them especially out front when the two waterfalls are running!!!!!


elegantKB said...

Beautiful blooms. I like your story about how you adopt and rescue plants. Thanks for sharing! Kerry @elegantKB


Kerry, Thank-you for your response to my blog.I guess you can say we recycle just about anything that has a purpose. Giving back to Mother Earth is just part of my heritage and taking care of Mother Earth is knowing that Mother Earth will take of us. To bad people are finding out to late what is meant by that(ex:Green House Effect).